Tips to remove pet fur from your carpet

Remove pet fur, carpet maintenanceYou love playing with your pets whenever you are at home but obviously get frustrated every time you see pet fur on your carpet. The simplest way to remove pet fur from the carpets is to vacuum clean the carpets at least once in two days. However, sometimes removing pet fur from carpets might need more than vacuum cleaning.

To effectively remove pet fur from your carpets you can use a rubber rack. Use it in strong, short strokes to remove the pet fur. As you continue to stroke, you will be able to see pet fur building up. If you have plush carpeting at home, you must try out a few different directions of strokes to see which works the best to remove the pet fur. Once you think all the pet fur has been piled up, pick it up with your glove covered hand. Run your hand over the carpet so see whether any fur is still there or not. Sticky roller lint brush removes stubborn pet fur.

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