Tips For Lawn Care

Tips for lawn care

ways of lawn care

Can you make out a healthy lawn when you see it? A lush, soft, smooth are the kind of perfect lawns. These types of lawns are perfect for cartwheels and croquet. Now you would be wondering why your lawn don’t look like that. For getting the perfect lawn, you need to take some lawn care. Without proper lawn care, you are not going to get the lawn that you have thought of. There are plenty of things included in lawn care which you might not know and that’s the reason why your lawn is not perfect like others. However if you are not taking proper lawn care, you are never going to get it. Here are some of the lawn care tips which you must follow to get the perfect lush green lawn.

  • Setting the soil

Planting a new lawn is not lesser than an adventure. The major keys for lawn care are proper planning and preparation. It doesn’t matter which method of planting you are using, but the main thing which matters is that you have to prepare the area efficiently for adequate result. The best tip for lawn care is to set the soil. The soil should not such which should be crusting over or will compact into lumpy ruts. Setting the soil is by far the most important step of lawn care but this is that step which most of the gardeners skip while starting with the lawn care. Before you start planting, it’s very much important that you check the PH portion in the soil. This seems to be very much time wasting or useless but trust me it is basic factor of law care.

  • Seed or not to seed

Rolling up a carpet of sod is the fastest way for growing a beautiful lawn. But however sod can be really expensive option for your lawn. If you are having a large lawn then it can be really expensive and lawn care can also be very difficult. The alternate option you have got is to seed your area yourself by your hand or you can also try the method called hydro seeding. This method of hydro seeding for lawn care and maintenance has become very popular in recent times. It is used by the farmers too much especially if they are having large fields. Hydro seeding is solving one of the major problems of seeding with hands and even dispersal of seeds. There are variety of seeds and grass from which you can choose the one suiting with your soil and climate.

  • Water

Watering every time is not the right thing for lawn care; instead you should go for watering your lawn once in a week only. When you are watering make sure you are watering deep as you have to do just once in a week. Frequent but shallow watering will not lead to the roots of the grass and will not benefit your lawn and hence do deep watering.

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