Tips for instantly decorating your home for party

You have just heard that your friend is coming over to your place and that it is her birthday. It is very natural for you to get unnerved as to how to arrange a surprise party for her. But, doing up the place at such a short span of time could be a pretty great task. But, it could be a very interesting job as well.

Colorful strips of papers, balloons, streamers are some of the ideas which could be incorporated in instantly decorating your home for a party. A few tips could be enumerated as follows:
• Blow up balloons and stick them to the ceiling fan in a clustered form. This gives a sober look to the room.
• Change the curtains of the room and put on some bright colored ones to bring the festive mood
• Decorate the doors of the room with streamers and different colored flowers.
• If possible, settle for a barbeque in one side of the room. It gives a different ambience to the room.

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