Things To Do Before Evacuating Your House

evacuate houseWith storm season coming in an emergency can occur at any time. This may result in you having to evacuate your home along with your family. There can be some useful things that you can do along the way if afforded ample time. Make sure to stockpile on food, potable water and meds before going out of the home. Food here means stocking up on granola bars and protein bars which are easy to carry and nutritious too. Keeping backpacks ready at one part of the home to take up before evacuation when presuming you might have to evacuate for an emergency is smart thinking. Among the personal supplies you must keep a survival blanket, a flashlight, a radio and some extra cash.

If provided with ample time any small pets kept in an enclosure can be provided with provisions and the home can also be boarded up to protect it from damages.

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