The choice of material for the dining table and chairs

Dining tables and chairs are important for many reasons. Firstly, it is one place that is bound to be used a few times every day and hence ought to be comfortable. Secondly, it is also something that visitors and guests get to use most often either for drinks, coffee or lunches and dinner. So they have to be good looking and highly durable too. The dining table surface needs to be cleaned a few times every day.

This means it should be resilient, without flakes coming out of it proving dangerous for meals. It should be scratch resistant to some extent ensuring that the sophisticated polished look stays on for some time. The chairs and the dining table should be matching in the sense the table shouldn’t be too high or low for the chairs. It could be oak or mahogany or teak too, with a deep grain appearance that lends an amazing elegance to the whole set up.

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