Staircase carpeting: DIY tips

Stair designs, stairsStaircase carpeting is an easy way to protect the beautiful stair from getting worn out over years of use. Installing carpets on a staircase can be done in two ways, the waterfall method and the cap and band method. Both are DIY projects and here are some important tips given for you to carry out the job without much ado.

• Get all the necessary tools from a hardware store. Tack strips, upholstery nails, hammer, knee kicker, measuring tape and stair tools are must haves.
• Take measurements along the tread.
• Engage the tack strip at the stair crotch and put pressure on the knee kicker to get the carpet pad in place.
• Check if the carpet is smoothed out after each tread and pin it to the riser using the hammer and nails.
• Utility knives or carpet knives are important tools in order to trim the carpet ends.
• Use safety glasses to avoid any accident.

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