Space inspired décor tips for your home

home decor, decor tipsThe outer space has such a vast expanse that one cannot seek to hold it in a box. Such is the vastness of human mind and creativity. One cannot possibly express all the emotions and thoughts that they feel within seconds. To give your house a taste of this limitless vastness of the space, here are some decorating tips:

  • Get the painter to paint the walls and ceilings to resemble outer space in shades of light and dark blue.
  • Use glow stickers of moon and stars on the ceiling, especially in your kid’s room. When the light goes off, they will emanate the glow of a starry sky.
  • Use rocket shaped floor mats and mats with stars and spaceships drawn on it.
  • Star rocket window valances and similarly inspired bedspreads are great ideas to bring a cute and cool feel to the bedrooms.
  • Earth shaped hug pillows make wonderful things of interest to kids and even teenagers.

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