Removing Exterior Paint or Stain

If you are planning to paint your house in a new way then the first thing you must look to do is get rid of the old paint coating. Removing the old coat is not all that difficult if you can follow the correct procedure.

1. Scraping: it is a traditional process used by all and sundry. It is done on flat surfaces. Generally the surface is rubbed with a sand paper to make it smooth. Scraping is necessary as the surface that needs to be painted has to be smoothed up which helps the paint to stick to the surface better.

2. Wire brushing: this is another process of removing old paint coatings. Generally done on wood. Wire brushing is used in difficult areas and you must wear shades and gloves to protect your eye and skin respectively.

3. Chemical removing: this process is now in vogue where a solvent mixture is used o remove stains or paints.

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