Redesigning Your Pantry

Pantry design, kitchen decorThe pantry is an essential part of the kitchen. Remodeling your pantry is among the top notch things to do. If granted the space go for a walk in pantry. If the only space available is a cupboard then make use of shelves intricately designed and customized for your pantry requirements.

The pantry needs to have tip in bins closest to the floor to hold a large quantity of some common items like flour, sugar and rice. The other bins to store ingredients should be contained in air tight transparent bins just to keep the food material good. The shelves should contain adequate space for canned items and also have provision for storing those long necked bottles containing vinegar and oils. When using a pantry care should be taken to keep similar items nearby. The pantry obviously should also be well lit up. The shelves should be easy to access and not require ladders for support.

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