Recharge my bath towels

Bath towels are originated in Turkey. Some of the materials that are commonly used in the manufacturing of towels are bamboo (organic), cotton blend, linen, cotton and fibers that are not woven. All towers are weighed and measured in grams per square meter. The ones that have lower GSM are lighter. A good towel may be heavy but does not guarantee excellent quality. Some people are very particular about their towels and just pick the right one and pay heavily for it. It is found that Brazilian or Egyptian cotton is very smooth and very good at absorbing water. So taking care of them is very essential to keep them looking new and increase their usefulness.

• First, what you should do to the towels is wash them before use as you do not know from where the towel had been stored and brought from. They might contain dirt or bacteria. Some of the towels are applied with chemicals and oils to keep them less absorbent unless they are washed. You must wash the towel with warm water and half a cup of detergent along with one cup of white vinegar. The vinegar helps to get rid of the unwanted smell.

• You must also see to the number of times that you wash the towels. To keep the towel in a good state and to maintain its absorbing power, you should wash it after every couple of use. Washing also depends upon how often you use it. Some people get their towel dirty, so they require regular washing.

• People who do not dirty their towel quite often, use it many times before the wash. But you should at least make sure that you hang the towel well on the rack so that it dries up properly otherwise it tends to lose its absorptive capacity.

• Proper washing will keep the towel look new. Overstuffing of the towels with other clothes will lead to wearing off of the towel. You should not use fabric conditioner as it may reduce the absorbing capacity of the towel.

• Do not try to mix up washing of towels with that of bed sheets as it will lead to wrinkling. You should dry the towels on moderate heat and dry it completely by the dryer.

Proper care increases the life and the absorptive capacity of the towel.

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