Problems that occur due to poor drainage system in your house

drainage system in your houseThe one problem that can create a lot of headache to you is the poor drainage system of your house. You may try to run off from your house if water drainage facility is not well arranged right from the beginning of the construction of your house. You being a new homeowner may not be able to identify this kind of a problem in your house. It is advisable to consult an experienced landlord or an inspector as soon as you shift to your new house. An improper drainage system can lead to cracks in the foundation of the house which may lead to the breakdown of the asset.

If it is found after inspection that the water is getting accumulated at the base of the foundation, then immediate arrangements should be made to disperse the water from the place towards a sewage system. An alternative is to direct the water to a garden where the plants can use it. A huge pressure can be created on vertical walls and eventually the foundation of the house can become uneven. A trench which has a pipe lying in it or if a trench is filled with gravel; it can direct the water away from the house. This is a French drainage system.

It should be carefully investigated whether water is getting logged in the garden or not. The garden should be graded properly so that it can move out of the garden easily. Otherwise your child can enjoy the stagnant water of the garden as a natural pool leading to doses of antibiotics for cough and cold.

Sometimes it can happen that the soil of the garden of your house is having a high moisture retaining capacity. Many chemicals are available that can be added to the soil to lessen the moisture retaining capacity and thus water is routed out with an ease.

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