Potpourri for a pleasant smelling home

Home care tips, PotpourriThe best way to keep your home fresh and pleasant at all times is to have a sweet smelling home. Potpourri for a lovely aromatic home is a great way to enhance a serene and blissful feeling inside the house. Herbs are the best choice when it comes to keeping a home fresh with natural, free flowing smells. Choose herbs like amber rose, lavender, lemon grass, rosemary, etc. you can even use peppermint and cinnamon sticks.

Keep these in bundles in a porous bag. Hang it in the bathroom, keep them in drawers, kitchen cabinets, closets and vents. You can also set them out in a classy, small, glass bowl and set it on the coffee table or mantelpiece. You can also go for artificial eco-friendly sprays or room fresheners in smells of jasmine, rose and lavender for that natural smelling fresh atmosphere. Most of them are fabric friendly and thus can also be sprayed on cushions and sofas and couches.

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