Paving a driveway: Dealing with an interlocking one

Driveway construction, driveway decorIf you want to build an interlocking driveway then the very first thing that you should do is contact an expert. There are constructors available everywhere and it might be a good option to ask for valuable tips and clear all your doubts before you set about making your own interlocking driveway.

Here are a few tips that one can keep in mind when building an interlocking driveway:
• Prepare the grade properly as it is one of the most essential components of the interlock.
• Prepare the base with limestone screening as it is the best.
• Leaving only a slight scope for water to run off, level the area evenly.
• Cover the interlock with a light coat of brick sand after it has been laid.
• Push the sand in through all the joins of the interlock and leave some on the top as well.
• Make sure that the entire area is packed by using a plate tamper and thus tightly packing the area with stones.

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