Painting a nursery like a pro

Tips to paint a nursery, home decorIf you have a baby coming to your home then decorating the nursery should be an exciting job which you might be looking forward to. There are some things you need to consider if you are painting the nursery yourself. First of all, choose ammonia free paint. The baby shouldn’t be exposed to harmful gases and chemicals the minute he or she is brought into the house. Paint way before in advance. This is because you need the paint to dry and let the released gases diffuse away completely before the baby comes.

Remove all the furniture from the nursery, wear protective gear and place rugs and newspapers at the bottom or foot of the wall. Then you can start painting. Avoid shocking and bright shades like orange red or electric pink. Instead, go for appealing and soothing hues like light pastel blue, green, yellow or even warm brown and lilac.

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