Limestone tiles-For hygienic and healthy home environment

Limestone tiles besides being very cheap are a great option to keep the home environment healthy and hygienic. The limestone tiles can be obtained in various shades of green, blue and grey and are available in lot of textures too. They are highly durable and hence the maintenance costs go drastically down with limestone tiles. But the most important aspect about limestone tools is their relatively low porosity. This means they do not give enough support for bacteria and molds to grow ensuring that your floors are clean and hygienic.

They are known for their temperature regulating capacity and because they are so resilient to chemicals, cleaning them with warm water and a floor cleaner often isn’t a problem. Known for their beautiful design patterns and their toughness, there isn’t much chance of microorganisms growing in the cracks of the surface either making limestone tiles one of the best options for the floors, especially kitchens.

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