Know-how on glass table maintenance

glass table maintenanceAre you proud of your glass tables back home? Well, glass tables are surely elegant and work to accentuate the overall glamour quotient in your room by a great extent. However, you must know that glass furnishing demands proper maintenance to ensure its beauty for many more years to come. The post below is a short brief on how to clean and maintain your glass tables at home.

First of all, you must know that glass surface requires regular cleaning. You can make a blend with warm water and mild detergent- it makes a non-caustic solution which is the most recommended for cleaning glass tables. Use a soaked sponge while wiping the table with the soapy solution. Post cleaning, make sure to buff up the table with brushed cotton rag as it helps to bring back the lost shine from the table.

Grime is one of the most dominant issues when it comes to glass tables. If the table is not cleaned yup regularly, the leftovers on the surface would gradually turn to grime making it almost impossible for you to get rid off. A wonderful grime cleaning solution is a mix of white vinegar and baking soda with lukewarm water. Pour the solution into your spray bottle and sprinkle it on the grime marks. Let it rest for some hours and after that wipe it off with normal soapy clean solution.

Coasters and table mats are the two besties of glass tables thanks to the needed guard these provide for the delicate table surface. It’s advised that you never place anything heavy (such as utensils, vase, artifacts etc.) directly onto the glass surface. Make sure to place the coasters and table mats on the table on which you place the vase or the artifact. It’s advised that you request your guests to do the same when you invite them over for dinner.

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