Keeping Your House Storm-Proof

home security, home improvementNo matter in what part of the world you are living, with Mother Nature’s anger and unpredictable ways, you never know when a storm strikes. Thus, it is necessary to keep in mind this factor while constructing your home.
To protect your home you need to give special attention to 3 most important parts:
• Doors
• Window
• Roof

There are a number of technologies available to protect your home from howling winds during a storm. First thing to know is what kind of roof your home has. If it has a gabbled roof then there are chances to have damages from fast flowing wind.

Install storm proof shutters for both doors and windows. This is the most efficient way you can protect your home. Most doors cannot withstand the force of wind. You need to provide stronger hinges to your door so that it stays fixed against the force of fast blowing winds. With these little efforts, you can protect your house a little, if not completely.

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