How to Tile a Shower

If you want to add style in your shower, you should consider adding tiles. You will have to ensure that the drainage system in your bathroom is in good condition before you start tiling. Your shower stall’s walls, ceiling and hardware are completely stripped to studs before tiling.

The next step is to a backer board, preferably one made with cement. Once your cement backer board is firmly in place, you should start placing your tiles. Measure where you intend to place your first row of tiles, this should be at the bottom. However, the edge of your first row should not touch the cement board.

Apply mortar to the wall on your bottom row and then install the tiles. The tiles should stick to the mortar without a problem. Continue this process going upward. After you have installed all your tiles, the next step is to grout them. Wipe out excess grout and then leave to dry.

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