How to restore antique floors

Floor maintenance, flooringIf you have an old home and you have antique flooring on it, then it’s but natural that with time, like everything else, the floor would age as well. It would need repairing. If you want to restore the quality and beauty and the aesthetic value of the flooring, then you must start the repairing and restoration work as soon as you see damage. If you have wooden floors, you should check where the damage is and change the plank if necessary. Strip the wax first and get rid of splinters before you start. Fill in gaps with small pieces of timber of the same type and wax the area for a smooth finish.

If you have marble floors, perhaps you can change the slab. You can put in extra polish on it after the repair work is done. Floor wax works fine on such surfaces. With the new shine and newly repair work, your antique floor will look as good as new.

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