How to mortar re-point?

Repointing mortar is basically scraping off the old mortar and replacing it with the new mortar. Firstly, buy a ‘joint raker’ and use it to scrape out the loose mortar that needs a replacement. Also use a wire brush for a cleaner job. Make sure that all the crumbs have been removed effectively. Now, use a spray on the mortar and the bricks using a garden hose. Allow it to soak for some time.

Then use a pointing trowel to press in the new mortar in congruence with the older one. This might be a bit challenging but it is required for a great finish.
But, it is hard work in the long run. So better to set small goals and continue your efforts to finish up the entire wall in some time. It may sound pretty easy, but following this article, it will not be a tiresome job to mortar repoint.

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