How to measure for carpet?

Before measuring for carpet you must consider a few things:
• Make a layout of your entire house including rooms, hallways, staircases etc in order to get a rough idea.
• Start measuring the rooms and mark them on the paper accordingly. Do not miss out the doorframes.

• Measure the stairs and while doing so, they are straight, then measuring the width would suffice. Count the stairs and calculate an extra inch if it is an open staircase.
• Now, decide on the type of your carpet, whether it should be plain, ribbed or patterned. Better to have plain carpets, as they are more flexible.
• Also plan the joins that you may need, how much carpet you need for that. Finally add 3 more inches for cutting in.

You may follow these guidelines to measure carpet area of your home and install them yourself. It might be difficult initially but then taking care of every detail would benefit you immensely.

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