How to maintain chlorine level in the pool?

Swimming Pool Maintenance , home improvementAre you tired of adding chlorine to your pool as it disappears every day? This is a very common problem faced by pool owners often. No matter how much chlorine is added, the water is unable to hold it. Thus, you need to maintain chlorine level in the pool by following a few easy tips.

• Chlorine consumption is inversely proportional to the pH level of water. A pH within 7.2 to 7.5 should be maintained in the pool water.
• The temperature of the pool should also be kept under control. The consumption of chlorine is increases two times if the temperature of water goes up by even 10 degrees.
• Trichloro tablets as well as sticks which do not get dissolved easily can be used for a week to keep the chlorine level steady.
• Add extra chlorine if the number of pool users increases like during the hot summers.
• Keep the pool free from any kind of algae as their growth will facilitate more chlorine consumption.

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