How to keep your swimming pool clean & sparkling

swimming pool cleanYour swimming pool is certainly the pride of your backyard. Thus you must make sure to clean it up and maintain it properly so that the pool stays sparkling and welcoming all the time. Here are some tips to take care of for a healthy swimming pool.

First of all, you have to vacuum the pool every week. Weekly vacuuming will keep the pool free from dirt, scum & algae which can settle down in its walls, corners & floors over time. It would also prevent the unwanted slimy feel in your pool which is one of the major reasons behind the pool accidents. Using chlorine is a must in swimming pools to disinfectant the water. However, you must be careful about the needed chlorine content in your pool as too much of chlorine is harmful for the swimmers.

Then, you must keep a check on the filter system of your pool to ensure its working properly. Finally, get a professional cleaning once in a year.

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