How to incorporate Feng Shui in your home décor

Feng Shui ideas, home decorIncorporating Feng Shui in your home décor can be a good idea if you want to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony for your home. If you are thinking of incorporating Feng Shui for your home then here are a few ideas:

• The first step towards incorporating Feng Shui is to clean up your home and make it clutter free. It symbolizes getting rid of old energy and creating space for new.

• Make sure that your house has loads of windows positioned in a way that they allow plenty of fresh air to flow in at all times.

• The same applies for natural light. In short your house needs to be airy and bright for proper Feng Shui energy to work.

• Get hold of a map of your house and decide on what colors to go for, for each room. Feng Shui suggests a certain set of colors for your study, drawing room and for your bedroom depending on their utilization.

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