How to do up a narrow apartment

narrow apartment, narrow apartment decorAre you living in a small box and are ashamed to invite your friends to hang out in your small apartment? There are many ways through which you can give your small apartment a great new look with some very easy tips and tricks. First of all pick up all the trash and clean your apartment really well. Take out all the things which you don’t need and are unnecessarily piled up in your apartment. This will make your apartment look clean and clutter free.

You can easily separate the sleeping area with a glass slide door which will take much less place and along with it can paint your wall in light colors so that the apartment looks big and airy. Make sure you have light shade window curtains so that the sun light comes in and makes your home looks bright and spacious. Purchase folded furniture that will save up some space such as sofa cum bed or folding table and chairs.

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