Handmade Moroccan Rugs: why invest in them?

Moroccan Rugs, rugs for home decorThere is something very unique about handmade rugs. One of the most popular kinds of handmade rugs is Moroccan rugs. They can be used as a floor décor material or even hung up on walls to create a very spectacular and exquisite look for the room. They can be got online for cheap at auctions or if you want you can go for the ions in antique shops. To create a vintage look in your home or office, Moroccan rugs are the best choice.

There are many kinds which you can choose from. The Kilim Family Rug is the oldest of its kind. It has a very rugged tribal feel about it which makes it more special. The designs are very antique but exquisite. The Glaoui Family rugs are also knows and their origins can be traced back to the Atlas Mountains. The style of making these rugs is basic flat weaving and piling. Another one which you can choose is the Royal Family rug which is the most common and prestigious one.

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