Guidelines for Sewerage Pipe Works

To ensure that hygienic conditions are maintained in a building, sewerage pipe works guidelines have to be followed carefully. The connections in the central and branch pipes have to be well arranged to ensure that there is no cross flow. The building, soil and waste sewer pipes also have to be wide enough to allow adequate flow.

The minimum gradient has to be one in 57 for a pipe that measures 100mm in diameter. For a pipe that has a 150mm diameter, the minimum gradient should be one in 100.

Make sure the appliances and pipe works are arranged to make it easy to group the connections with your water closet close to the central soil pipe. Keep your branch pipes short to prevent them from producing a lot of noise.

The sewer pipes have to be fixed when you are doing the brick work. This will prevent the need to dismantle the brick work to fix them.

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