Give your living room a beach inspired décor

beach inspired décorThe living room of the house is the place where your visitors step in first and the first impression of your house as well as your personal taste is made by the décor of the living room. Therefore, it is important that it is done in a good way. A very good theme for a living room can be the beach theme. It is not very difficult to achieve.

A very easy way out with this theme is to get a wall mural of a beach. Almost half the job will be done by this. Now, you have to get beach chairs and decorative umbrella shade to validate the décor. A lot of plants can be a good idea to make the décor more convincing. You can use green coconut for the decor and get them painted to get an artistic feel.  Keep the room airy and fresh and leave your windows open to get the atmosphere of an open beach.

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