Give your home a hotel style makeover

Home decor ideas, home decorIt has happened many times that whenever you leave a luxury hotel, you think of creating a similar interior décor in your house as well. Well now you can always create an interior décor similar to a luxurious hotel and that too keeping well within your budget. You just need to follow few simple steps and you will be done the remodeling of your home in terms of a luxury hotel. The first thing you need to do is to make proper investigation of the space available. With the space available you have to think of the possible decorations.

You can create a hotel reception or lounge like feeling in your room by creating texture on the walls. Use of dim and subtle lights will make the ambience more perfect. You can also make use of the scented candles or aromatic oils to add to the beauty even more. The ultimate hotel touch to your bedroom can be imparted with your crisp bed linen along with comfortable enough mattress, elegant and stylish cushions and high quality Egyptian cotton bedding. All these things if dome properly can change your home into luxurious hotel well within your budget.

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