Garage safety tips

Tips to maintain garage, garage maintenance1. Support the vehicle properly – Use a good floor jack that supports 1 ½ tons. Use good jack stands, to hold the car in the air properly and never crawl under a raised automobile.

2. Wear proper safety gear – It is a mandate as mechanics work with air tools and it will save their eyes from falling debris. Little metal shaving sticking to your eyes causes lot of damage. Mechanic gloves are thin enough to feel bolts and tools.

3. Use the right tools and materials – Purchasing right tools for auto project. Using torque wrench is bad while it’s good to use transmission jack. Transmissions made of soft aluminum are easily damaged. To ensure you purchase the right materials to build your garage, use Armstrong Steel building kits.

4. Buy a good manual – Use Chiltons, manuals to avoid headache, frustration and money.

5. Common sense is not that common – Avoid holding a cigarette and working a gas tank or working on a running engine with their neck tie hanging down over the fan blade is dangerous.

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