Gable Roofs and its Types

Gable roofsAre you constructing a new house? If yes you might be confused about the most important part of your house that’s your roof. Everyone has different frame of mind and have different choices and needs. If your choice matches choice of others in matter of roofing then you might be thinking to opt gable roofs for your new home. Here we have a small introduction of gable roofing which might be useful to you in deciding whether you should go for it or not. Analyze the pros and cons of gable roofs and still if you are opting for it which type you should go for should be selected must be decided.

Gable roofs also known as the pitched or peaked roofs are the most popular type of roofing which are easily recognized by its unique triangular shape. Here are its pros and cons.


It is of triangular shape, thus it easily shed water and snow away. It is also very beneficial in providing more space to the attic. Along with attic space gable roofs are also a good provider of ventilation and vaulted ceiling. It is quite easy to build them as they have a simple design and structure. Gable roofs are also relatively cheaper.


Gable roofs are not tending to high wind and hurricane areas. The roofs can also collapse and lead you to problems if they are not properly constructed properly with reliable supports. The material can peel away from the gable roofs if the winds are too high. If there is excessive overhang then the winds can even make a uplift underneath and cause the roofs to separate from the walls.

If gable roofs are opted in high wind areas, then make sure that appropriate braces are used and keep checking your roof after heavy storm to be satisfied that no damage has occurred.

Types of gable roofs

Side gable

A side gable is nothing but a basic pitched roof. It consists of two equal panels which are pitched at an angle which meet at a ridge in the centre of the building. The triangular section of this can be kept open for gable roof that are open or it can be kept closed for a gable roofs that are closed

Front gable

Front gable roof is places at the opening of the house. Generally colonial styled houses possess the design of front gable.

Dutch gable roof

Dutch gable roof is a mixture of gable and hip roofs. A Dutch gable roof is places at the top of the hip roof for increasing space and modified appeal of the house.

Crossed gable

A crossed gable roof is having two gable roof sections which are put simultaneously at the right angle. Both the ridges are perpendicular to one another. Height, length or pitchy might or might not be same. It is an outstanding design for the home with separate wings. Go with crossed gable for different areas of the home like porch, garage or dormers. Crossed gable is most probably preferred in the Tudor style or Cape Cod houses.

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