Four Simple Leaf Wall Décor Ideas

Leaves can provide magnificent wall décor for the homes when used in the right way. If you have an artistic nature, then these are the best things to work with. The materials are cheap, in fact free because much does one really spend collecting leaves. Paint spatter silhouettes are one way of making the leaves into a beautiful pattern. The process involves taking a few leaves and sprinkling some pain t onto them to create a piece of art.

There is also the angel feathers technique which involves the use of Mongolian leaves. The leaves are placed in a mixture of water and baking soda then boiled. The leaves are then bleached making turning hem to white. They are then dried and wire placed on them to crate stems. Iron-on leaf and leaf prints are also other designs that a person can choose from. The steps in making all these are quite simple to follow to create nice leaf designs. Using different colors of paint can bring out variety.

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