Floating staircases: now what are they?

Floating staircases, stair optionsIf you are looking for a funky home decor then floating staircase is perfect option for you. This is a special type of staircase that adds a bit of fun to your home decor. In some of these stairs there is no support between two steps. In some modern staircases there exists no handrail to provide any support. The floating staircases appear to be hanging freely without any support. But, this is not true as it is just an optical illusion.

Having a floating staircase in your home can be really advantageous. These staircases prove to be real conversation starters. You can add more fun to these staircases by hanging it over a water body. Though these stairs are not made for everyone, if you have elderly persons in your home, having these staircases can be dangerous. It is also not appropriate for any person who is scared of heights. Thus, you can add up more fun to your home decor using floating staircases.

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