Excellent Hanging Wine Glass Racks

Wine racks do not have to take as much space in the house. Hanging racks can be used to save on space. They are normally suspended from a cabinet or ceiling in the room. They are normally secure and the fear of the wine bottles falling would not be there. The hanging wine racks help in giving the home a classy touch and are of different types.

These various types include the space saver rack which is made of wood or metal. As the name suggests, it really does save some space. There is also the wrought iron rack whose unique feature is the design as it has a classic look. It has shelf that can be used to keep the screws and decanters. The rack can store up to eight glasses of wine and up to six wine bottles.

The stemware rack is yet another type of rack that can store up to eight wine bottles and sixteen wine glasses. These are among the few types of hanging wine bottles that a wine lover can choose from. Be innovative and choose what suits you best. If there are kids in the home, hanging wine glass racks are ideal.

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