Energy saver tips for home

Saving energy is one of our primary concerns. Here are some tips that can help you save energy at your home and do your bit for the universe:
• Often appliances, though turned off, actually do not stop consuming energy! So whenever possible unplug those appliance and also install lights that consume less energy.

• Always make sure that power management options have been activated in your PCs. Better to go for laptops as they consume lesser energy.
• Heat your home naturally during winter months, using the heat from the Sun from the southern corner. During evenings, close windows to retain this heat. Do just the opposite during summers in order to stay cool indoors. This is a natural way for heating and cooling.
• Use hot water prudently, try lowering the thermostat of your water heater to 120 degree F and make sure it is insulated properly.
These small but effective tips can help you save on those piling electricity bills as well.

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