Do-it-yourself hardwood floors

Redoing huge hardwood floors can be bothersome. For sanding, you can rent or buy a small orbital sander. Everything required for DIY hardwood floors are available at your nearest local store.

First, use a commercial wax stripper to remove the wax and wipe it with lacquer thinner or acetone. Next step is to remove any nail from the wood. Don’t forget to fill those nail holes with wood filer till it dries up. Now, you can start sanding and after completion, wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Then add polyurethane in three coats, but let it dry between each coat and don’t forget to sand it with grit paper. You can even use a mix of mineral spirits and linseed oil for an old fashioned finish. Next, wax the floors with paste wax or beeswax and your task is complete. This might sound easy, but it is a laborious task, so be patient and get ready for some real hard work.

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