Decorating your home for a wedding reception party

home wedding reception partyIt is great idea to put up a reception at your home. Although it is stressful, still it is worth and saves up a lot of your money.

The first thing you have to keep in your mind is to make ample space for the ceremony. In order to create space, remove all the furniture and stuffs not required for the reception. Then, start dusting and cleaning up your home. Do not forget to clean the bathrooms and maintain hygiene. Next, put up the stage for the reception. This area would take up the maximum space. You can decorate the space using candles, chandeliers, lights, etc. Make some seating arrangement for your guests. After that, make space for the area to keep and serve food. This area will require buffet tables to keep food and utensils. You can keep baskets and soap for the ease of your guests.

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