Cleaning Shower Drains

Tips to maintain Shower Drains, bathroom careKeeping your bathroom neat and clean and fresh at all times should be the priority of bathroom maintenance. Keeping the bathroom dry and clean is something which could take some extra effort as, after all, a bathroom will have a lot of moisture almost at all times. Cleaning out the bathroom drain is something which might need a little time as shower drains tend to get clogged every easily. When you clean your shower drain, you first need to unclog it. Wear a long sleeved cleaning rubber glove and remove the mesh at first.

Then put your arm in and physically remove any foreign material stuck in the pipeline as far as you can reach. Then take a clog cleaner pump and pull out any residual dirt or grime. Then clean out the drain finally, first with water. You can put in natural, eco friendly drain cleaners. After washing that off, put a small amount of bleach inside and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with water.

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