Ceiling décor for your kid’s room

ceiling decor, home decor, kid;s room decorA Child’s room is the most important room in the house because the parents pour their heart and soul in designing it. A kid’s room should be comfortable, welcoming, playful and inspiring.

Most of the time a kid stares at the ceiling, so make sure you have a lot of thought about what to do for the ceiling of the kid’s room. While choosing ceiling décor keep in mind the sex of the child. Use wall posters of cartoon characters, superheroes, fairies, cars etc. to decorate the ceiling. Another important ceiling décor would be hanging lights which come in all shapes and colors.

Use multi-colored lights or a night light for your kid’s room. Design the ceiling with moons, stars, sun, flowers, trees etc. Use glowing artifacts or interesting colors as they are really liked and appreciated by kids. This is way to make the ceilings of your child’s room attractive and pleasant as he/she spends most of their time there.

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