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Modern Conservatories for your home

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Modern Conservatories, ConservatoriesIn the late 80s and 90s there was a taboo in the suburban houses on the use of conservatories but now when the time has changed there is no such taboo and people are enjoying the various benefits of conservatories. One of the main themes that are very popular nowadays is the PVC frame. They are best to keep the house cool during summer and warm during winter. Another option that is available is the roofing system which is designed in the computers. The main advantage of this type of roofing is they are much more organized than those that are manually designed.

Solar glazing is another thing which is in trend today. They are installed on the roof so that it can control the temperature of the house. This helps to regulate the conditions during summer and winter where there are extremes in temperature. With the revival of these conservatories people have got various options for their homes.

Glam up your windows with custom made curtains

Friday, September 7th, 2012

custom made curtainsReadymade curtains are always our first choice. But there is something very unique about custom made curtains. What could be better than to glam up your home with curtains which you picked out yourself, complete with the patterns, designs and colors of your choice? Just make sure that the curtains you choose match the surrounding walls and furniture of the room. The curtains should be of good quality and have optimum protection from fading from sunlight. They should be easily washable and you shouldn’t have to worry about wear and tear soon too.

There are many online stores which sell these custom made curtains. Virtually you can select the color and design at the website itself. The size and other measurements also need to be mentioned. After you place the order, the curtains of your choice will be delivered to you at your home. You can even get customized curtains at shops where you can discuss the design and colors with the owner and place your order.

How to pick the right color for your home exterior

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

When you are deciding on your home exterior color scheme, you need to choose a perfect blend of your favorite colors and the ones which compliment your home’s surroundings. This decision is an important one because you would not want to redo it in the near future. Look in the neighborhood and notice which the prominent colors are, that you find there. Use different shades of these colors for your home exterior to blend it with the surrounding colors.

Your personal choice of colors matters a lot too because it is your home; but do not go for colors which are totally in contrast to the surroundings. Playing with shades of colors is a really cool way of painting and changing the look of the exterior of your house. Darker colors are always advised for home exteriors over the lighter shades. Black, brown, maroon, dark brick, etc. are some common color shades used these days.

Master the home staging design with simple guidelines

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

People quite make a mistake about thinking that home staging and interior designing is both the same things. There are few expert tips and guidelines which will help you in designing your home stage just the way to like it without much difficulty. Home staging is all about designing your home in such a way that they do not reflect your status and reputation but makes your home looks spacious and gives it a worldwide appeal. The first and foremost tip which you will be needing the most is that if you lack money to purchase a whole new cabinet sets then shift the cabinets, clean them totally and keep it aside, now clean the places and floors where they were kept before and paint the entire room. Now clean the cabinets with any solution for making it fresh n dry and not greasy. Then apply sandpapers and after that a little varnish will do all the trick.

Wooden venetian blinds: a fantastic styling option for your home

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Venetian wooden blinds are considered as one of the best window treatments. So, in case, you have just moved into a new place or planning for an interior renovation, you can choose to these lightweight wooden blinds as a better alternative for your heavy curtains. It’s timeless and classy and would readily complement the indoor living without much expense.

These wooden blinds are composed of horizontal slats attached one on the other and suspended by cords or cloth strips. These slats are movable up and down and this is how these blinds control the wind, light and heat entering through windows.
The very wooden construction would always bring an enriched look to your room, just like the other wooden accessories you have. Besides, it’s nice to state that these wooden blinds are pretty customizable. You would be getting them in different size, color and style specifications to match up with your particular interior décor. Apart from the simple wood finish, these blinds are found in various other finishes that can work great to complement any texture, theme or palette of home design.

Getting a green ambience with artificial show plants

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Green color provides a soothing effect to the mind and the body. Stepping inside a house with a green ambience is sure to give a clam feeling. Moreover, with the amount of green declining at an alarming rate in the environment, the time is not far that one will see concrete surroundings.

It takes a lot of energy, time and patience to maintain plants. These are very delicate things when small and need a lot of water, sunshine and care to make them strong. Today, in order to keep up with the fast-paced life, most people are going out to work. This makes them impossible to stay at home and look after the plants. But does that mean that they will remain deprived of decorating their homes with plants? Certainly not.

Artificial show plants are now available in the market. They look exactly like real plants and can be put in the house for decoration. Do this and make people go ‘green’ with envy.

Solid brass bell for decorating homes

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

The home is where the heart is. Yes, this is true in every sense of the term. Researches have shown that people who stay in beautiful houses are comparatively more open-minded and lively than those who live in others. It could therefore be said that decorating a house is not just limited to pleasure and luxury; it also has a great therapeutic effect as well.

Brass is considered to the most-used metal when it comes to decorating the exterior as well as the interior of a house. This is because; brass is a less-costly metal and is extremely durable. It can stand all weather conditions and needs just little maintenance.

Bells are considered sacred right from the time of Christ’s birth. They are said to invite good luck and fortune to the family. Thus, solid brass bells are wonderful decorating items for the house. With these in homes, you just need nothing else.

Using reusable wall decals

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Today the world is going high on re-using the same product over and over again. This is because the amount of pollution is going on increasing with every passing day. This is posing a threat to lives, both animals and human beings alike. Re-using a product helps to remain environment friendly.

The same formula can be applied with regards to decorating the interiors of the house. These days, interior decoration has become a business in the corporate world. But there could be nothing as great as designing the inside of the house on your own. Wall decals are now the latest trend in decorating the walls of the rooms. However, they sometimes tend to lose their stickiness and are disposed off most of the time.

These days, however, reusable decals are available which make it all the more cost effective for a person to decorate the walls of his house.

Giant Flower & Butterflies Decal for stunning interiors

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

A house is made only after a considerable amount of time and huge sums of money is spent behind it. The house does not become a ‘home’ unless the interiors of the house are done properly. There are several methods to decorate your house to give it a great look.

A house with stunning interiors is sure to turn heads of people visiting the house as well as for the family living in it. Using giant flower and butterflies decals on the walls make them look just great. Flowers and butterflies symbolize a sense of liveliness and brightness, and this is exactly what you must be looking for when you step into the house.

The bright colors of the flowers and the butterflies are sure to pep up the mood of anyone entering the house. These are available in the market at very reasonable rates. Anyone can get these and is set up properly; they change the look of the room.

Beauty and Simplicity of Shaker Style Furniture

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Beauty and simplicity is the only winning point of the Shaker Style furniture. People fancy for designer furniture that might make their room more beautiful, but believe me, no one gives a second look to the design of your furniture. This is true in most cases, except you are a kind of homemaker who loves boasting. Simple and straight designs too makes the rooms look beautiful. Designer products are never utilitarian and they more than often last for lesser number of years. On the other hand, Shaker Style furniture can give your room a long life and give you the much needed utility.

In Shaker Furniture you would find modesty written all over. There are no unnecessary screws to hold extra accessories. All the fittings are manual and done by fitting perfectly cut wood. This style is unlike the fashion we have been running after but after closer scrutiny one would find it to be more helpful.