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Glass Racks Look Cool For A Home Bar

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Glass Racks, home decorCreating a personalized bar in your home is the latest trend which is now ruling the market. But before you end up creating your home bar successfully, you need to certain basic things to make the bar look beautiful and attractive. In a home you need shelves for keeping the bottles of liquor and the glasses. You can definitely go for wooden shelves, but glass shelves and racks looks much more attractive than the wooden ones.

The glass racks will add a sense of aesthetic value to the appearance of your home bar. The spot lights reflecting on the glass racks will create a perfect ambience for the home bar. You can use glass racks with various designs. Various designs can be etched on the surface of the glass racks. You can D shaped corner glass racks to keep bottles.

Make sure the glass used for the racks is of sufficient width to bear the weight of the things kept on them. Don’t forget to clean the glass racks regularly. Otherwise if dust settles down, then they will not look that beautiful.

How to Use Candles for Home Decoration

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Home decor ideas, home decorMany of us have a fascination for candles. Why just use candles on special occasions? You can even use candles during any time of the year to decorate your room. Aromatic candles are the best choice as they not only make the room look prettier but the wonderful soothing aroma will also make you feel good in the room.

You can use homemade candles or you can buy some from any store (land based or online) and decorate the room. You can set floating candles in a clear glass bowl for a fluid blissful effect. You can keep the candles in glass jars with an open top and arrange them around seashells and a bit of sand for a fresh feel. If you like dark shaded candles, arrange them around the garden on stones and settings for a very natural and romantic perception.

Decorating The Bedroom Of Kids

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Kids room decor, home decorAfter the monotonous and suffocating classroom that your kids study in, the bedroom finally makes them settle down. It is obviously the most soothing chamber of your house where they get indulged in the pleasures of rest solace. The bosom of mattress seems the very heaven that quenches some unfulfilled desire for privacy and affection. And the rooms ask nothing in return except for a minimum and reasonable amount of maintenance and decoration. It automatically creeps in mind how to decorate the surrounding that would suit to the customized tastes. As a normal human being would spend more than 10 hours a day here, it becomes crucial to consider the size of the bed. It is directly proportional to the size of the room. It is important to keep it roomy to add more space to your living area and of course the life. Low power bulbs ignite the darkness of nights.

Ceiling décor for your kid’s room

Friday, January 25th, 2013

ceiling decor, home decor, kid;s room decorA Child’s room is the most important room in the house because the parents pour their heart and soul in designing it. A kid’s room should be comfortable, welcoming, playful and inspiring.

Most of the time a kid stares at the ceiling, so make sure you have a lot of thought about what to do for the ceiling of the kid’s room. While choosing ceiling décor keep in mind the sex of the child. Use wall posters of cartoon characters, superheroes, fairies, cars etc. to decorate the ceiling. Another important ceiling décor would be hanging lights which come in all shapes and colors.

Use multi-colored lights or a night light for your kid’s room. Design the ceiling with moons, stars, sun, flowers, trees etc. Use glowing artifacts or interesting colors as they are really liked and appreciated by kids. This is way to make the ceilings of your child’s room attractive and pleasant as he/she spends most of their time there.

Things to know about French patio doors

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

 French patio doors, home decorIf you are remodeling your house and want your patio to look aesthetically pleasing without straining your pocket, then you are looking for French Patio Doors. These doors can be a visual delight adding to the look of your house, they allow the interiors a natural flow of light giving it a wonderful ambience altogether. They create an airy and open feel and add to the space of the house. You can opt for one doored or double doored ones, side hinged or slider ones as per your requirements and space.

Perhaps the foremost thing that you need to decide is to go for a single or a double door. While the single ones take up a lot less room than the double ones, while double doors help in maximizing the space. Again, slider double doors are great in minimizing the usage of space and simultaneously give a spacious appearance as they look like double doors.

Christmas Décor for Your Home

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Christmas Decor, home decorChristmas is a wonderful time to celebrate the joys in life with your family. To bring in the mood for the festive season you can try out some great Christmas décor ides for your home. The idea is to make the rooms look fresh; decorate, right in the spirit of Christmas. Play with a lot of colors like red, green and gold or silver. Hang stockings along the mantelpiece or fireplace if you have one.

Decorate the windows with wreaths. Decorate the front door with some more wreaths and ribbons. Have a Christmas tree and let the kids decorate it as they wish to bring in that innocent touch to the festive season. Hang Christmas lights in the room and from your roof as well. Have a special Christmassy welcome mat to enhance the feeling of Christmas. If you want, you can also put up small Santas along your driveway to welcome your guests in a unique manner.

Fireplace mantle decoration tips

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Fireplace Mantle Decoration, fireplace decorYour fireplace mantel can be a real attraction to your living room. Many people have the tendency of not decorating the fireplace mantel and prefer to keep it simple but they are not aware of the fact that it can be the room’s focal point if they manage to decorate it properly. There are various ways of decorating your fireplace mantel and you can either choose the symmetrical or asymmetrical way of decorating it.

Those who want to give a formal look to their room can choose the symmetrical style of decorating while those who want the room to be cozy can choose the asymmetrical style. The asymmetrical style can be achieved by grouping some odd number of objects of various shapes and sizes and they have to be of different colors. But one that that you must not forget is the balance in the decoration. It should look sober enough to be more beautiful.

Picking bespoke curtains

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

bespoke curtains, curtainsThe curtains of a house play a very important role. They silently add a lot to the decorative appeal of the house. Therefore, the right choice of curtains is very important so that you can have a complete décor for your house. There are a lot of choices to go for when it comes to curtains and one of the best options are the bespoke curtains. You will be able to get a very stylish and trendy décor with these curtains.

Apart from that, there is a huge range of options when it comes to the different colors, designs, textures and patterns on the bespoke curtains. Therefore, finding a curtain that would be able to compliment the rest of the décor of your house is not a very big problem. If you still have problems getting the right curtain in spite of so many options, you will be happy to know that you can get your designs custom built as well.

How to incorporate Feng Shui in your home décor

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Feng Shui ideas, home decorIncorporating Feng Shui in your home décor can be a good idea if you want to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony for your home. If you are thinking of incorporating Feng Shui for your home then here are a few ideas:

• The first step towards incorporating Feng Shui is to clean up your home and make it clutter free. It symbolizes getting rid of old energy and creating space for new.

• Make sure that your house has loads of windows positioned in a way that they allow plenty of fresh air to flow in at all times.

• The same applies for natural light. In short your house needs to be airy and bright for proper Feng Shui energy to work.

• Get hold of a map of your house and decide on what colors to go for, for each room. Feng Shui suggests a certain set of colors for your study, drawing room and for your bedroom depending on their utilization.

Fireplace Mantle Decoration Tips

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Fireplace Mantle Decoration, fireplace decorWhen it comes to home décor there are a lot of options which you have. If you have a fireplace then you can decorate the mantle in a very tasteful manner to make but it the central point of attraction of the room. Decorating a mantelpiece might need a bit of pre-planning as the area has to match the surroundings and enhance the beauty of the room. You can but some herbal plants on the mantle piece to give it a vintage touch.

You could also try and put some old vintage photo frames and put up portraits of loved ones in black and white. Another thing which could really brighten up your mantelpiece is candle art. You can get candles of various shapes and sizes and decorate them accordingly. You can also go for aromatherapy candles to create a fresh feel in the entire room. You could arrange a reed diffuser on top too if you like to complete the décor.