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What are the worst renovation mistakes?

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Renovation is a huge task but can be effectively managed if you really want it to be a success. Some of the worst renovation mistakes are:

Absence of a proper plan: Often with a lack of a plan your work can go haywire. With a plan you can work on every detail and inspect their completion in a focused manner.

Lack of communication: If you don’t communicate what you want from the whole set up, then your contractors would be in the dark and that would leave you in a mess.

Overflow of budget: This happens when you don’t keep a track of your expenditure everyday while renovating your home. A proper budget plan makes you aware about your expenses.

Lack of emergency plans: If there is an unforeseen event, your whole renovation can come to a standstill if you don’t have an alternate plan for materials or labour in hand.

These points can help you towards a successful renovation.

How to mortar re-point?

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Repointing mortar is basically scraping off the old mortar and replacing it with the new mortar. Firstly, buy a ‘joint raker’ and use it to scrape out the loose mortar that needs a replacement. Also use a wire brush for a cleaner job. Make sure that all the crumbs have been removed effectively. Now, use a spray on the mortar and the bricks using a garden hose. Allow it to soak for some time.

Then use a pointing trowel to press in the new mortar in congruence with the older one. This might be a bit challenging but it is required for a great finish.
But, it is hard work in the long run. So better to set small goals and continue your efforts to finish up the entire wall in some time. It may sound pretty easy, but following this article, it will not be a tiresome job to mortar repoint.

Get Great Play House Ideas

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Playhouse ideas can indeed be immensely fancy and innoivative. To make a playhouse you should first give vent to your imagination. What you want your doll to have. However, you should always start on with something which you can easily accomplish and the idea should be according to your budget. First you can think of a shed along with a decent structure with doors and windows. However, you can also go for innovative shapes like a Victorian mansion or a ship of a pirate or like Tarzan’s house in the jungle. You must also have a word with your child and consider her choices of a playhouse.

To construct a playhouse you can start working with a kit or you may have nothing to work with. In the second case you can well start off with things at home. The kits are in most cases quite expensive and so it is always better to start on with something simnple. You can also go for an Internet surfing to come up with a more decent idea of a playhouse. At the end of the day it is necessary for you to be creative to present your child with something unique.

Top 5 Uses For A Conservatory

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

A conservatory is a valuable and flexible add on to any existing land based asset. Adding a conservatory is just like providing an extra space to an already existing area thereby increasing the importance and usability of the space. For instance when you add a conservatory to a kitchen area it becomes a usable zone where you can now sit, relax and gossip other than cooking, washing and making preparations for meal. When you add a conservatory to a dining area the place gains importance.

Moreover, if the place is provided with innovative lighting then it surely becomes an admirable zone within the house. You can also add a conservatory to a sitting room where extra furniture can be added and appositely arranged to change the ambiance of the place. A conservatory can also be added to a part of the house to enable working from home conditions. To do this you need necessary official fixtures and fittings other than the space. A conservatory is also used for planting different sorts of plants and herbs. In this way the area becomes a favorite pass time zone for you.

Smart Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Your kitchen is a place where you need to store a lot of things. So just follow these tips to make your kitchen look smart and usable.

• Make use of all unnecessary space. There is no credit in putting up with concealed arrangements.
• Do not go for regular and traditional fittings. Always opt for free kitchen arrangements.

• Utilize drawers and dividers. They make kitchens look neat and systematic.
• If you have a larder within your kitchen, apply thought how to load it sensibly
• The items which you have in your kitchen should be categorized according to functional specifications
• Only make use of necessary gadgets. There is no need of unnecessary showcasing
• There should be appropriate containers for every item of usage
• Always try to stay clean and ensure safety while working inside the kitchen
• Things which you need most often should be kept close to the hand. There is no need for you to shuffle for necessary items.

The choice of material for the dining table and chairs

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Dining tables and chairs are important for many reasons. Firstly, it is one place that is bound to be used a few times every day and hence ought to be comfortable. Secondly, it is also something that visitors and guests get to use most often either for drinks, coffee or lunches and dinner. So they have to be good looking and highly durable too. The dining table surface needs to be cleaned a few times every day.

This means it should be resilient, without flakes coming out of it proving dangerous for meals. It should be scratch resistant to some extent ensuring that the sophisticated polished look stays on for some time. The chairs and the dining table should be matching in the sense the table shouldn’t be too high or low for the chairs. It could be oak or mahogany or teak too, with a deep grain appearance that lends an amazing elegance to the whole set up.

Space Saving Storage For Your Home

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Do you have too many things in your house with very little space to store them? The way you arrange everything in your house will determine how much space you will have left for storage purposes. There are many things that you can do to create extra storage and save some space at the same time.

The use of hooks is a great way to store your things and still leave some room for other things. You can install hooks on bedroom and wardrobe doors to hang some of your light items such as bags, clothes and toys. You can also add more storage features in your wardrobes to help you save some space. If you have too many clothes, you can get a multi-hanger to hand multiple clothes. You can also get multi-purpose furniture for different parts of your house. This is the furniture that comes with storage features such as drawers.

Slate Bathroom Wall Tiles

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Slate bathroom tiles are stone tiles which are not mixed with any artificial materials. Stone tiles are very classy and they will give your bathroom a unique style if you install them. These tiles are available in many different designs and styles. You find many amazing variations which you can use for your bathroom. Different designs of these slate bathroom tiles also come in a variety of colors. All of the colors are natural colors which will give your bathroom a refreshing feel.

Apart from their decorative purposes, slate bathroom tiles are also popular for their durability and safety characteristics. These tiles have a rough surface making them slip resistance. This makes them ideal to install on bathroom floors. They can also be installed on bathroom countertops. Slate tiles are perfect bathroom use since they are made from hardy stones which will last fro a very long time. The tiles are also not very easy to break.

How to Make A Charming Porch

Friday, April 16th, 2010

The Mediterranean style of making a charming porch is an immortal design and is always factual. This design is easy and the Southern atmosphere can be easily achieved with the use of theblue and white wooden furniture, and plants such as myrtle, orleanders, citrus trees and also colorful mosaic and ceramic pots. You need to know that some of these plants are very sensitive so there is the need to protect them from hot temperatures at night. Another common porch arrangement if you prefer simplicity and plainness is to try the minimalism style. With this type of arrangement, you will have a green background that is made of bushy plants and composed with modern and regular white furniture.

Another way to make a charming porch is to try the multiplicity and individuality design. This design is however ideal for the flower lovers who do not want to limit what they have and they appreciate the several flower arrangement options.

Contemplating Adding a Three-Season Porch on Your Home?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010


Are you thinking of adding a three-season porch on your home? If your answer is yes then you might find it interesting to learn that there are many people who are thinking on the same thing. Adding your home with a three-season porch is indeed one of the cheapest home renovation techniques that do not require much hassle and it is a convenient option that is gaining popularity for the majority of homeowners. Many people are considering this option because there are many benefits that come with it.

The three-season porch not only helps you to regulate your room temperature but also help you when you want to expand the living space in your house. When you want to add the three-season porch, you have to know that it requires a lot of expertise. You may want to try it by yourself but there are some risks involve which you do not want to have. This means that you have to look for a specialist.