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Tips For Lawn Care

Thursday, December 29th, 2016
Tips for lawn care

ways of lawn care

Can you make out a healthy lawn when you see it? A lush, soft, smooth are the kind of perfect lawns. These types of lawns are perfect for cartwheels and croquet. Now you would be wondering why your lawn don’t look like that. For getting the perfect lawn, you need to take some lawn care. Without proper lawn care, you are not going to get the lawn that you have thought of. There are plenty of things included in lawn care which you might not know and that’s the reason why your lawn is not perfect like others. However if you are not taking proper lawn care, you are never going to get it. Here are some of the lawn care tips which you must follow to get the perfect lush green lawn.

  • Setting the soil

Planting a new lawn is not lesser than an adventure. The major keys for lawn care are proper planning and preparation. It doesn’t matter which method of planting you are using, but the main thing which matters is that you have to prepare the area efficiently for adequate result. The best tip for lawn care is to set the soil. The soil should not such which should be crusting over or will compact into lumpy ruts. Setting the soil is by far the most important step of lawn care but this is that step which most of the gardeners skip while starting with the lawn care. Before you start planting, it’s very much important that you check the PH portion in the soil. This seems to be very much time wasting or useless but trust me it is basic factor of law care.

  • Seed or not to seed

Rolling up a carpet of sod is the fastest way for growing a beautiful lawn. But however sod can be really expensive option for your lawn. If you are having a large lawn then it can be really expensive and lawn care can also be very difficult. The alternate option you have got is to seed your area yourself by your hand or you can also try the method called hydro seeding. This method of hydro seeding for lawn care and maintenance has become very popular in recent times. It is used by the farmers too much especially if they are having large fields. Hydro seeding is solving one of the major problems of seeding with hands and even dispersal of seeds. There are variety of seeds and grass from which you can choose the one suiting with your soil and climate.

  • Water

Watering every time is not the right thing for lawn care; instead you should go for watering your lawn once in a week only. When you are watering make sure you are watering deep as you have to do just once in a week. Frequent but shallow watering will not lead to the roots of the grass and will not benefit your lawn and hence do deep watering.

Cast stone fountains – best in outdoor garden fountains

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Although a host of water fountains like ceramic fountains and fiber glass fountains are gaining popularity because of their low price, cast stone fountains are great for outdoor gardens. To start with the sound of water on stone gives the feeling of a natural waterfall drowning the noise and nuisance in the surrounding area and adding a nice backdrop to your garden. You might consider having wall stone fountains if you have a pet, that you are worried will fancy jumping into these fountains.

Cast stone fountains can also carry beautiful stone carvings or your choice and can be multi-tiered too. If you have a big enough garden with some nice plants, you can create a small puddle and cast stones which need not be exactly regular shaped can give a natural look to the whole setup. Besides, compared to natural stone, cast stone has lesser pores and is hence cleaner. It is also easier to clean them compared to natural stone which might be affected by moss too.

How to Choose Easy-to-Maintain Deck Rails

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

If you have a garden with a beautiful view, you can install a deck where you and your family can enjoy some time together. If you would like your deck to be safe for the people who are using it, you should erect deck rails around it.

There are many kinds of deck rails that you can have installed on your garden. There are traditional and contemporary style deck rails. The traditional rails are made from wood. They have horizontal balusters. The modern styles of deck rails are normally a combination of wood and other materials such as glass or iron. You can choose any of these deck rails which are also very easy to maintain.

When choosing the type of rails that you will install around your deck, you should consider the kind of weather in the place you live. This way, you will be able to choose the deck rail material that is durable under extreme weather conditions.

Concrete Pond Construction

Friday, March 26th, 2010

When you want to construct a pond, the first things that will come to you mind is the materials that you will need to construct. If you use those materials that are not durable to construct your pond, it means that you will use more money in maintenance, replacement and in repair. Concrete pond construction is indeed one of the methods that is use to construct ponds that last a lifetime and you will not incur any further costs in maintenance and repair.

This means that you will need to pour concrete to a thickness of about four inches. This will be one I one day unless you are constructing a large pond which will require that you pour in sections. After you have poured the concrete into the surface of the pond, you will need to let the cement cure for some days under plastic. It is advisable that you start with a small pond then progress afterwards.

How to Close Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

Friday, March 26th, 2010

If you properly close your pool it will definitely save you lots of work and time when you need during spring. There are a number of steps that you take to save you from this hustle. Ensure that you measure the chemical balance of the pool. A good balance will prevent staining and etching. Freezing will sometimes cause to the filter systems. Stop the water from freezing and drain it below the skimmer remove any water in the plumbing lines.

You should cover the pool to ensure it free from trash and leaves. In addition, ensure that you drain the water from the filter and other equipment. You should also drain the chemical feeder. You should also take the pressure gauge should be taken inside the house to limit breakage when freezing occurs. A pool cover is a good investment to keep the pool free of water.