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Installing solar panels in home

Friday, August 30th, 2013

solar panels in homeEnvironmentalists are constantly pressing on the fact that the use of fossils fuels should be reduced as much as possible. This is because the fossil fuels are on the verge of completion. According to them, if consumed at this rate the fossil fuels will last for forty to fifty years. Owing to this threat the whole world is now switching to the use of alternate sources of energy. There are many alternate sources of energy like the sun, wind, geothermal heat, etc. But out of all these three sources, the sun has the high potential of in terms of energy. Almost all parts of the world receive sunlight and so solar energy is the most easily available source of energy.

Now we cannot use the sunlight directly as energy, we have to harness the energy put of it. For this purpose it is necessary to install some arrangements called the solar panels that receive the sunlight and entrap the energy from it. This energy can be used later for various purposes like lighting, heating, etc. While installing solar panels you should keep various factors in mind. The first of them is the proper mounting of the solar panel. The solar panel should be mounted properly at the correct height and angle. If the angle of mounting is wrong, then the panel will not receive the maximum possible sunlight thereby leading to the decrease of its efficiency.

Also, you should take professional help while installing solar panels to get everything done properly in the perfect manner. You should have the basic knowledge about certain functioning of the solar panels so that in case of minor trouble you can easily solve it. Also make sure that the solar panels are maintained properly. This is because accumulation of dust on the surface of the panel also decreases its affectivity.

Tips to conserve electricity at home

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Home energy, home improvementThe environmentalists today are constantly emphasizing on taking to green lifestyle. Energy conservation is one of the most effective means to start off green living. Here is a brief on how to conserve electricity at home.

Make sure to switch off the lights and fans while getting out from the home. Almost everyday people waste a huge lot of energy being forgetful. Then, it’s better if you can keep the lights off at daytime- wide open your windows and let natural sunlight brighten up your room. Another important tip is to switch to CFLs rather than incandescent lights as the former is an eco-friendly option.

You should also be careful with your electronic appliances. Cut down on the habit of running computers all through the day even when you need to use it in intervals. Finally, it would be grand if you can install solar panels at home to capture the solar energy. Solar energy is renewable and thus eco-friendly.

Surefire Tips to Build Wind Turbines

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

To build a wind turbine your house needs to be in an area where there are lots of open spaces for the wind to blow and to be utilized appositely for several purposes. With the excess speed of the wind it becomes easy for electricity to be produced for greater utility. Often the kinetic energy of wind is successfully converted to electrical energy which can easily suffice all electrical necessities within the property. Producing electricity by utilizing wind power is not a recent concept and by doing this you can indeed save a lot of money.

Depending on how much wind you are to receive you can indeed save on your electric bill each month. When you prepare a windmill both your wealth and time are saved. Be careful in installing a proper generator because this is the only device which helps wind get converted into electric power. However, this happens with the help of a magnet dc motor and indeed changes things for the better.

Simple Lighting Touches to Transform Your Home

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Lighting is very important in the overall scheme of things when it comes to home décor and making your house look beautiful. Lighting at the right places can not only provide warmth and glow to a place but can also help to highlight the attractions be it in the living room, the dining room or the study. Accent lighting from spot lights and track lights could help focus on the beautiful furniture or the rich wooden tables.

Floor lamps could increase the overall illumination of the room. Similarly chandeliers and ceiling lighting can help make the room look brighter and replace the day light that washes the room. Brass lamps on the walls and lamp shades are two other forms of decorative lighting. Lamp shades could be tall and 4 feet high, placed next to green plant. Table top lamp shades placed on either end of the couch have their own elegance too.

Basics of Geothermal Heat Pump

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

A geothermal heat pump is also referred to as a ground-source, geo-exchange. It utilizes the earth’s constant temperature as a medium of exchange instead of the temperature underneath remains constant. The geo-thermal uses this to its advantage to exchange the heat.

These pumps are quite similar to other kinds of pump. It is able to heat, cool and even supply hot water around the house. Some these pump have a two compressor feature that allows it to save energy. In addition it does not make loud noises when running. It is also very durable and need very little maintaining. A dual source pump is a geothermal pump that combines with air. This feature allows for higher efficiency. The geothermal pump is quite affordable and also quite easy to install. It can last for up to 50 years.

Things to Remember When Installing a Heat Pump

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Many people are looking for ways to save up on energy costs. The heat pump has two main functions. It acts as a heater and cooling device at the same time. The heater pump will spare you financial cost of buying two separate units at the same time. When you get a heater pump that meets your requirements you should determine how you are going to start utilizing it. There are a few things that you need to put in mind before installing one. You should ensure that you get a professional to guide you on the basic principles of installing it.

When you get a qualified technician it will make the process of installation quite easy and simple. It will also be quite convenient as you are not equipped with the skill man ship to install one. In addition you will get the best tips on how to maintain and care for your pump.

DIY Solar Panels Construction Ideas

Friday, March 26th, 2010

If you are interested in using green energy in your home, there are some simple solar panel construction ideas that you can use. All you need is some motivation and an instruction manual to start. It will cost you less than $200 to build your solar panels which is a small price to pay for the savings that you will make on electricity bills.

Make sure your house has a rooftop that faces the sun directly and has a lot of sunlight before you even start thinking about constructing the panels. There are various solar panel kits that you can buy in the shops. The panels have to be placed in the right location and angle to ensure that they capture maximum sunlight.

The guides that are provided in the kits are very easy to understand and the installation process does not take long. You can also make it a family project to include all the members.

Increase efficiency and reduce bills with modern radiators

Friday, March 26th, 2010

There has been increased concern with saving cost due to recession. In addition, there has been concern with cutting down on green houses effect and carbon emission with inefficient radiators. With these factors it’s time to tackle these issues. One measure of reducing the energy bills for house is cut down on rule. This is done by utilizing an efficient radiator. The radiator should have proper boiler and lagging for the radiators pipes. In addition the house must also have suitable insulation for the cavity wall and roof spaces.

Modern radiators will also need proper programming. It allows for a detailed schedule and it requires an efficient thermostat. In addition it will lead to efficient heating a lower your bills. It surprising that you can lower your bills by adding another radiator in your home. This is because the radiator boiler uses far less heat to re-heat hot water.