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Budget decorating tips for boy bedrooms

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

boy bedroomWhen you have a growing boy, the theme of the day is ‘spend, spend, spend’.

If it’s not new clothes it’s some trendy toy that they just have to have. If it’s not the trendy toy, it’s the sports activities.

If it’s not all of these things, it’s decorating the bedroom.

A boy needs new bedroom decoration every few years as his interests and use of the room change. There are ways and means of doing this without breaking the bank. Creativity is key and here we look at a few tips.

Prioritise spending

As with any general decorating ideas, when you do up a boy’s bedroom, you need to decide what is worth investing some cash in and what can be done on a budget.

Firstly, getting the best quality paint is advisable especially if the colour is going to be on the walls for a good little while.

Secondly, for key pieces of furniture like the bed and chest of drawers, go for the best quality you can afford.

Thrifty ideas

Quality and durability are important for bedroom furniture but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. There are probably several good second-hand furniture shops in your area where you can pick up a bed and other items for good prices. If you are a natural haggler, all the better!

Pick a theme

Pick a design theme to reflect your little boy’s interests. This will make selecting everything and budgeting much easier.

Choose the colour of the room, his bedspread and curtains and all the little knick-knacks and pictures to reflect the main idea.

Dig around

Going back to deciding where to spend and where to save, it is worth looking for items like bedding and pictures in thrift shops. Second-hand shops are usually very fussy about what they will accept to sell so you can pick up some super bargains with a bit of luck.

If that sweet little clock shaped like a football and the pennant-covered bedspread aren’t top quality, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t’ spent a fortune on them.


A huge factor in decorating a boy’s bedroom is storage space. No matter what the room size, storage bins which match the color scheme always fit the bill.

Ideas for storing toys could be three or four colourful plastic buckets picked up for a song or a ceiling hanging where soft toys can live.

Things To Do Before Evacuating Your House

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

evacuate houseWith storm season coming in an emergency can occur at any time. This may result in you having to evacuate your home along with your family. There can be some useful things that you can do along the way if afforded ample time. Make sure to stockpile on food, potable water and meds before going out of the home. Food here means stocking up on granola bars and protein bars which are easy to carry and nutritious too. Keeping backpacks ready at one part of the home to take up before evacuation when presuming you might have to evacuate for an emergency is smart thinking. Among the personal supplies you must keep a survival blanket, a flashlight, a radio and some extra cash.

If provided with ample time any small pets kept in an enclosure can be provided with provisions and the home can also be boarded up to protect it from damages.

Installing a light bulb yourself

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

install light bulbs, DIY tipsFirst, you need to see the fixture where you want to set the light. After going through that, you should get a light bulb of a proper wattage so that it goes well with that. Then you should make sure to turn off the switch so that you do not get any kind of the shock. If you have a bulb previously set for that fixture then let it get cool for 45 minutes, then you should start using it. While placing it make sure that you do not press it tightly because the chance of breaking the fixtures might increase.

Now after doing all these, turn on the light to see that whether it is working properly or not. If not then you should definitely visit the shop and get another one. Until you finish up with all these, do not ever try to put the switch on.

How to install wood burning stove?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

wood burning stove, stovesIf you want to control the heating cost in your home, then installing a wood burning stove is a very good option. You might think that installing a wood burning stove requires professional aid but the truth is otherwise. Here are a few steps that will help you to install the wood burning stove at your place.

Firstly, you will have to choose a suitable location. A central location in the ground floor is the ideal place. It will make circulation of heat a lot easier. The location you opt for must allow you to load the wood and clean the ash. Secondly, non combustible surroundings will have to be ensured. A wood burning stove can get pretty hot and you will have to ensure that it does not burn down your home. The stove should be placed 75 centimeters away from combustible walls and 25 centimeters away from non combustible walls. Lastly, you will have to install the chimney.

Staircase carpeting: DIY tips

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Stair designs, stairsStaircase carpeting is an easy way to protect the beautiful stair from getting worn out over years of use. Installing carpets on a staircase can be done in two ways, the waterfall method and the cap and band method. Both are DIY projects and here are some important tips given for you to carry out the job without much ado.

• Get all the necessary tools from a hardware store. Tack strips, upholstery nails, hammer, knee kicker, measuring tape and stair tools are must haves.
• Take measurements along the tread.
• Engage the tack strip at the stair crotch and put pressure on the knee kicker to get the carpet pad in place.
• Check if the carpet is smoothed out after each tread and pin it to the riser using the hammer and nails.
• Utility knives or carpet knives are important tools in order to trim the carpet ends.
• Use safety glasses to avoid any accident.

Do-it-yourself hardwood floors

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Redoing huge hardwood floors can be bothersome. For sanding, you can rent or buy a small orbital sander. Everything required for DIY hardwood floors are available at your nearest local store.

First, use a commercial wax stripper to remove the wax and wipe it with lacquer thinner or acetone. Next step is to remove any nail from the wood. Don’t forget to fill those nail holes with wood filer till it dries up. Now, you can start sanding and after completion, wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Then add polyurethane in three coats, but let it dry between each coat and don’t forget to sand it with grit paper. You can even use a mix of mineral spirits and linseed oil for an old fashioned finish. Next, wax the floors with paste wax or beeswax and your task is complete. This might sound easy, but it is a laborious task, so be patient and get ready for some real hard work.

Things to Remember When Installing a Heat Pump

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Many people are looking for ways to save up on energy costs. The heat pump has two main functions. It acts as a heater and cooling device at the same time. The heater pump will spare you financial cost of buying two separate units at the same time. When you get a heater pump that meets your requirements you should determine how you are going to start utilizing it. There are a few things that you need to put in mind before installing one. You should ensure that you get a professional to guide you on the basic principles of installing it.

When you get a qualified technician it will make the process of installation quite easy and simple. It will also be quite convenient as you are not equipped with the skill man ship to install one. In addition you will get the best tips on how to maintain and care for your pump.

DIY Shed Construction

Friday, March 26th, 2010

When you decide to construct your own shed, the first thing you need is a foundation that is solid. A good one should have concrete blocks or wood timbers that are pressure treated. These materials need to be directly set into the ground. Once they are set, you have to make sure they are leveled to support the floor frame on your shed.

Wood is an essential material when constructing a shed but it is also prone to rot due to water. You have to make sure that the wood used to make the mudsill is about 6 inches away from the ground. This will provide adequate space for air circulation. The floor frame needs to be weather resistant if you want the shed to stand for long. Materials that do not need a lot of maintenance are the best choice. Make sure the door is wide enough to accommodate your machines and tools.