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Ideas and suggestions for bathroom renovation

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Tips for bathroom renovation, bathroomNot satisfied anymore with the look of your bathroom? Found your friend’s bathroom much more appealing than yours? Go ahead and renovate it with some really cool interiors and ideas. The combination of bathroom fixtures and interior design is very lethal. If you can get the combination to be a complimentary one, half the job is done. Use the bathroom space in a smart way. Too much cluttering will spoil the look of your bathroom.

Do not try to bring in a complete makeover for your bathroom. There would be certain things that would be doing a great job for your bathroom’s look, so keep them intact. The tiles that you have used for the floors can be polished if they have lost their shine. Replacing tiles can be very costly, so better avoid it. Make changes to the curtains and other bathroom fixtures which have lost their appeal in them.


Glam up your bathroom with elegant accessories

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

bathroom with elegant accessoriesBathroom is one place where the true creativity aspect of the owner is reflected. A bathroom remodel ideas seems to enhance the beauty of the home you own. A few attractive colour changes, eye-catching fittings, stylish accessories can change the whole face-off of your bathroom bringing in glamour. Don’t believe it? Try it out. The results would be unbelievable too, so before you get into deep thoughts check these out, hope you find something to match your taste.


  • Think about the sink and the countertop. A white Porcelain sink with a matching granite top won’t let you turn your face from it. Don’t miss the luxurious hot bath tub, a place to relax, after a hard day.
  • Go for some good floor and wall tiles combination, you always have a range of stunning and vibrant colours to choose from. Fixtures are something that adds something to finish up. Elegant taps and shower fittings and add on. Some attractive shapes and designs are always available.
  • Light fittings are something that cannot be missed. You have range of designs to select from. Don’t make the place too bright or dull.
  • Last to add holders, soap dispensers, towels. Small plants can be kept at the window. Good translucent glass can be used. Air fresheners to be kept handy.


So make a list and remodelling is easy.

Bathtub resurfacing tips for you

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

bathtub resurfacing, Home improvement Bathtub resurfacing is a much convenient way rather than changing your existing bathtub for a new one. resurfacing or in other word refinishing your old bathtub can give your old bathtub a new look and feel making it more shiny and elegant and save you a huge amount of money which you would have spend buying a new bathtub. Resurfacing or refinishing process is different with different types of bathtubs, for example, for ceramic bathtub the process of resurfacing is different than resurfacing an iron cast or a fiber glass bathtub.

The most common and cost effective method of bathtub resurfacing is using a sand paper and polishing the bathtub surface then applying a fresh new coat of paint. This you can do it yourself or can hire professional help. But before doing anything make sure that you have cleaned the bathtub thoroughly then started the process of resurfacing. All the oil, dirt and resins must be cleared before you apply sandpaper on the bathtub.

Digital showers, for that something extra

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Digital showersThere is no one is this entire world who does not find taking shower is not refreshing or rejuvenating. But technological advancement has incorporated some brilliant transformation in man’s age old practice of showering. The advent of digital showers has left behind the traditional showers in a number of aspects. There is a control panel in every digital shower and through this system the temperature and the water flow of the shower get controlled.

You can install these digital showers in a number of places be it wall or ceiling and with the help of a loft you can install the shower. Most of the digital showers are controlled with a remote and a hidden wire connects the remote with the control panel. But if you are a real music lover and have habits of listening to soothing scores while taking bath then amplifier based mp3 system digital showers are the best ones for you.

Transform Your Bathroom with New Lighting

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Little do people know but it’s a reality that a mere change in the lighting of a bathroom can make a great difference to the entire ambiance of bathroom and the house above all. And there is no doubt that the task is also simple. All one has got to do is to change the light fixtures and as a result, the bathroom can appear both up to date and also novel.

What is your most immediate task then? You must settle on chrome bathroom lighting. This is said since chrome bathroom lighting fixtures are magnificent process of modernizing the ambiance. There is no need to change the colors in the wall. Chrome, without a doubt, is modern and also contemporary. For that reason addition of a chrome bathroom light can be one of the most effective decisions.

You can also go for vintage bathroom lighting. This is certainly not any modern design. But a few vintage bathroom lights have the capability to give the bathroom a whole novel appearance.

Best Ideas For Shower Remodels

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Remodeling a shower is something extremely essential when planning to provide a new face to your bathroom. An appropriate shower adds style and contributes in enhancing the feel of the place. A morning bath or an evening shower can be utmost enjoyable with a best shower model. It makes you feel nice. As bathroom is a place which you need to visit often – everything inside it should be ideal and sufficing and among them a shower is a most indispensable item to use and enjoy. When remodeling a shower you can choose from a variety of models available in the market.

What sort of enclosure you would go for entirely depends upon your mood and choice but in this case glass is the most popular choice. To remodel a shower you can change the entire space or you can bring about a change in the accessories as well. A shower remodeling attempt involves designing the space, plenty of civil work done along with other essential detailing. When you go to the market to shop for shower remodels you are sure to be fascinated to find such a wide assortment of designs, patterns and colors. However, you should go for the one which goes well with the décor of your bathroom.

The Benefits of Having Steam Showers Installed In Your Home

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Steam showers installed in your own house is as good as having a sauna bath or a steam room in your house. If you are someone who loves working out or if you live in area where winters get quite chilly, you don’t have to think twice to get the steam showers installed in your house. Fitted with a humidifying heater, all you need is a connection to let water flow to the heater where it is converted to steam and let out at you through the shower.

Now you don’t have to wait for a long time to have a hot water bath as it takes just seconds for the temperature to go up and for the steam to start coming out. This is especially beneficial if you are not the only one in a hurry to get the steam bath after a jog before rushing out. It also has great health benefits apart from saving lot of power too.

Buying a Bathroom Suite

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Do you want to get a luxurious bathroom suite? Here are some tips to help you find a perfect bathroom suite for your needs. You have to think what you want to include in your bathroom suite. On of the things that you have to buy in your bathroom suite is place to warm your towels. You can get either a towel rail or a radiator depending on your personal tastes and preferences.

You should also get a pop up waste which you can attach to a basin in your bathroom. All bathroom suites come with either a tap or an exo fill. These two accessories serve the same purpose but in different ways. If you want more convenience, then you should get the bathroom site that has an exo-fill. If you have a small bathroom, then you should get a bathroom suite with a shower bath. The showerhead in your bathroom suite should be flexible.

Slate Bathroom Wall Tiles

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Slate bathroom tiles are stone tiles which are not mixed with any artificial materials. Stone tiles are very classy and they will give your bathroom a unique style if you install them. These tiles are available in many different designs and styles. You find many amazing variations which you can use for your bathroom. Different designs of these slate bathroom tiles also come in a variety of colors. All of the colors are natural colors which will give your bathroom a refreshing feel.

Apart from their decorative purposes, slate bathroom tiles are also popular for their durability and safety characteristics. These tiles have a rough surface making them slip resistance. This makes them ideal to install on bathroom floors. They can also be installed on bathroom countertops. Slate tiles are perfect bathroom use since they are made from hardy stones which will last fro a very long time. The tiles are also not very easy to break.

How to Tile a Shower

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

If you want to add style in your shower, you should consider adding tiles. You will have to ensure that the drainage system in your bathroom is in good condition before you start tiling. Your shower stall’s walls, ceiling and hardware are completely stripped to studs before tiling.

The next step is to a backer board, preferably one made with cement. Once your cement backer board is firmly in place, you should start placing your tiles. Measure where you intend to place your first row of tiles, this should be at the bottom. However, the edge of your first row should not touch the cement board.

Apply mortar to the wall on your bottom row and then install the tiles. The tiles should stick to the mortar without a problem. Continue this process going upward. After you have installed all your tiles, the next step is to grout them. Wipe out excess grout and then leave to dry.