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Five Bathroom Fixtures That The World Love

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Bathroom FixturesIf you are no more satisfied with the look of your bathroom, go ahead and renovate it with some good interiors and ideas. The combination of bathroom fixtures and interiors is very lethal. Use the bathroom space cleverly so that it does not look clustered. Here are some common ways to change your bathroom without making a blunder.

1. Recharging your bath towels:

People are very particular about their towels and do not mind paying any amount for the right quality. So taking care of the towels is very important to keep them looking new and increasing their use-fullness. A very important thing to do before you use the towel is to wash them clean as you do not know from what kind of storage it was kept in. The towel should be washed in warm water along with a little detergent and white vinegar. This removes all the dirt and smell. You should also see to it that the towel gets proper cleaning after a couple of uses. This helps the towel to retain its absorbing power and be smooth. People who do not dirty their towels can wash it less often. But it is important for you to hang the towel dry after use so that it does not smell and lose its quality of absorbing water. Proper care increases the life of the towels.

2. Shower Curtains:

People often ignore bathroom while decorating their house. Do not forget that after a day’s hard work a cool shower and a bubble bath is what relaxes you. Bathroom is a place where you spend some of the most relaxing moments of your day. Shower curtains are an ideal and easy way of making you bathroom look stylish and modern. As per your bathroom infrastructure the curtains are available in a numerous designs, colors and sizes. Plastic, cloth or vinyl curtains in light colors are the most popular choices and they are also water proof. To give your bathroom a personalized touch you can go for custom made curtains.

3. Vanity units for your bathroom:

Bathrooms are definitely of great utility but a stylish and clean bathroom is also a sign of class and good aesthetics. Today bathroom vanity units are available in many designs and space and provide storage in style. The units even come with mirrors that act as a perfect place to get ready with all things handy. You can avoid searching for small things. They have hangers, towel racks and stand to keep your hair dryer. It fulfills the dual purpose of cleaning yourself and to even get ready.

4. Bathroom suits that are designer:

Every part of the house needs the best decorated articles for it to stand out and look exceptionally good. Today the market is filled with all the designer things to fit in right for your bathroom needs and to make people remember. The bathroom suit that you choose shall be able to compliment you and your lifestyle and make your life comfortable and convenient. A proper plumber should be hired for the expensive fittings that you buy for your bathroom.

5. Shower doors:

Shower doors have seemed to come along with the contemporary lifestyle that we are adapting to. Theses shower doors are usually of glass and can be either framed or frameless. The frameless doors though look very edgy and classy can also be risky if proper care are not taken. The edges should well cut and polished along with sturdy holders and support systems. However, with children around you should always prefer framed doors that can have metal, wooden or any type of frame. They are also more durable and risk-free.

Recharge my bath towels

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Bath towels are originated in Turkey. Some of the materials that are commonly used in the manufacturing of towels are bamboo (organic), cotton blend, linen, cotton and fibers that are not woven. All towers are weighed and measured in grams per square meter. The ones that have lower GSM are lighter. A good towel may be heavy but does not guarantee excellent quality. Some people are very particular about their towels and just pick the right one and pay heavily for it. It is found that Brazilian or Egyptian cotton is very smooth and very good at absorbing water. So taking care of them is very essential to keep them looking new and increase their usefulness.

• First, what you should do to the towels is wash them before use as you do not know from where the towel had been stored and brought from. They might contain dirt or bacteria. Some of the towels are applied with chemicals and oils to keep them less absorbent unless they are washed. You must wash the towel with warm water and half a cup of detergent along with one cup of white vinegar. The vinegar helps to get rid of the unwanted smell.

• You must also see to the number of times that you wash the towels. To keep the towel in a good state and to maintain its absorbing power, you should wash it after every couple of use. Washing also depends upon how often you use it. Some people get their towel dirty, so they require regular washing.

• People who do not dirty their towel quite often, use it many times before the wash. But you should at least make sure that you hang the towel well on the rack so that it dries up properly otherwise it tends to lose its absorptive capacity.

• Proper washing will keep the towel look new. Overstuffing of the towels with other clothes will lead to wearing off of the towel. You should not use fabric conditioner as it may reduce the absorbing capacity of the towel.

• Do not try to mix up washing of towels with that of bed sheets as it will lead to wrinkling. You should dry the towels on moderate heat and dry it completely by the dryer.

Proper care increases the life and the absorptive capacity of the towel.

Shower Curtains make up a stylish bathroom

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Shower Curtains, bathroom decorBathroom is a place which is often ignored when it comes to interior décor. People forget that it is the place where the most relaxing moments are spent. After a gruesome day at work, a cool shower can drain off all the stress and tension. So why not make the bathroom look stylish? The easiest and most trendy way to enhance the look of your bathroom is by putting shower curtains.

Shower curtains come in various designs, materials and sizes suitable for different bathroom infrastructure. Light shaded simple shower curtains are most popular as they provide protection while stylish curtains are meant for lighting up the place only. Plastic, vinyl and cloth curtains are perfect as they are water resistant and also trendy. The clear heavy vinyl shower curtains are stylish and durable. You can also go for the customized shower curtains that come in a plethora of designs and fabrics to give a personalized touch to your bathroom décor.

Tips to decorate your bedroom with area rugs

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

area rugs, home decorIf you have a bedroom that needs to be re-innovated or decorated or if you want to give your bedroom a new look without spending a lot then area rugs are the perfect choice for you. Here are a few tips on how you can decorate your bedroom with the help of area rugs:

• There is something about area rugs that gives them the perfect look of being warm and welcome. If you want to give your bedroom the warm and cozy look and feel then they are a must have in your bedroom.
• If you have a large bedroom that has less furniture and you want the room to look covered up and less scarce then area rugs are the perfect choices for you. They cover up the empty floor space in your room without crowding it much.
• Area rugs can also be a great place to sit and chat when the bed is either crowded or inappropriate for the conversation.

Cleaning Shower Drains

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Tips to maintain Shower Drains, bathroom careKeeping your bathroom neat and clean and fresh at all times should be the priority of bathroom maintenance. Keeping the bathroom dry and clean is something which could take some extra effort as, after all, a bathroom will have a lot of moisture almost at all times. Cleaning out the bathroom drain is something which might need a little time as shower drains tend to get clogged every easily. When you clean your shower drain, you first need to unclog it. Wear a long sleeved cleaning rubber glove and remove the mesh at first.

Then put your arm in and physically remove any foreign material stuck in the pipeline as far as you can reach. Then take a clog cleaner pump and pull out any residual dirt or grime. Then clean out the drain finally, first with water. You can put in natural, eco friendly drain cleaners. After washing that off, put a small amount of bleach inside and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with water.

Interior Design Ideas for a Kid’s Room

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

When you design a kid’s room, the objective in your mind should be the kid’s interests. You should see the room from the prospective of a child and see what attracts and interests you the most. A child’s bedroom should be comfortable and spacious, well ventilated and attractive enough so that your child can feel at home there. You can try various specific themes to decorate the room.

For a girl, you can go for special Disney princess themes. The walls can have special Disney or Barbie princess 3D art or you can get princess Barbies printed curtains and rugs. For boys, you can go for various action figure characters and racing cars as the main themes as at that age, this is what interests them the most. You can also try the glow in the dark ceiling paint with underwater and night sky themes for an edgy look.

Bathroom vanity units: storage with style

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Bathroom vanity units, bathroom decorBathrooms are the most important feature of a house. While ensuring great utility, a stylish bathroom is a sign of good aesthetics and class. In this context, bathroom vanity units serve the best with storage in style. Today many options are available for bathroom vanity unit designs and space. De-cluttering the bathroom is important for cleanliness and you might want to keep things handy without having to remember things to take along before a quick shower.

These units also come with mirrors installed making it absolutely perfect to function as a dresser. Gone are the days of small storage units to keep soap bars and brushes. Now the vanity units allow shelves and racks to keep toiletries organized and also towel racks, hangers, built in stand for hair dryers, make-up drawers and alike. It is easy to serve the dual purpose of cleaning yourself and dress up before going out at one go.

Bathe in your designer bathroom suits

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Bathroom decor ideas, bathroom suitsA house needs the impeccable appliances and objects to make it look stunning and beautiful. Every part of the house needs exceptionally well decorated articles. One of the spaces where you should look into which is very often neglected is the bathroom. However spare a thought on designing a bathroom as it is what makes a guest remember you and your home. The market is inundated with various designer items that fit well into the bathroom space.

Choosing the apt designer bathroom suites can turn your life to be more comfortable and convenient. One should ensure that the bathroom suit must compliment your lifestyle. One must also remember that he or she is bounded by a certain budget. Now after buying the bathroom fittings one should take the help of a plumber and complete the installation. Be ready for a new and more elegant way of living your life.

Framed vs. frameless shower doors

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Shower doors, bathroom decorContemporary home living has introduced us to a world of creative and useful appliances and home furniture. One of such things is the shower doors. When talking about shower glass doors, we have two options- the framed type and the frameless type. The frameless glass doors give the bathroom or shower a very classy edge nevertheless there are many hazards which can occur if proper care isn’t taken. The sides have to be carefully filed so that shards of glass don’t stick out. Also the support systems have to be extremely sturdy. If you have children in the house, its best to avoid such shower doors.

Framed shower doors are very useful and durable. There are many metal frames to choose from but you can also go for bamboo and wood frames coated with lamination to protect them from water. The safety level is higher with these shower doors.

Shower panel alternatives for your bathroom

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Bathroom remodeling, bathroomBathroom remodeling is on the rise as people are gaining awareness about a vast number of innovative design choices available at affordable rates. Amongst all the modifications, the shower panels or screens one of the most important because they stop water from splashing on your floor and they also help to make some sort of fashion statement for your bathroom.

Shower doors are made from several types of materials and come in several models to make up the perfect ambience for you. Many people are still confused between shower curtains and glass panels as curtains are more pocket friendly and can be changed more often. But, the main disadvantages of curtains are that they are prone to accumulate mold and mildew due to the warmer temperatures in the bathrooms. Further, the extent of privacy is not as good as the panels.
Therefore, the shower panels are made to last longer and when you know that you have chosen the right specification for you, it will bring long lasting joy and satisfaction for you and your family.