Cast stone fountains – best in outdoor garden fountains

Although a host of water fountains like ceramic fountains and fiber glass fountains are gaining popularity because of their low price, cast stone fountains are great for outdoor gardens. To start with the sound of water on stone gives the feeling of a natural waterfall drowning the noise and nuisance in the surrounding area and adding a nice backdrop to your garden. You might consider having wall stone fountains if you have a pet, that you are worried will fancy jumping into these fountains.

Cast stone fountains can also carry beautiful stone carvings or your choice and can be multi-tiered too. If you have a big enough garden with some nice plants, you can create a small puddle and cast stones which need not be exactly regular shaped can give a natural look to the whole setup. Besides, compared to natural stone, cast stone has lesser pores and is hence cleaner. It is also easier to clean them compared to natural stone which might be affected by moss too.

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