Best bedroom paint options for you

Paints are probably the quickest and the most cost effective way of giving your bedroom that required makeover. The right colors can make your bedroom look just like the way you want to. If you have been thinking of getting a painting job done than here are a few tips that you can use-

1)      Always go for white for the ceiling. This gives a virtual height to your bedroom and makes it look larger than it really is.

2)      If you are looking for a fresh feel then go for light colors for the walls. Colors like lemon yellow, baby pink, different shades of light blue and soft purple are the best. They too make the room appear larger than it is.

3)      However if you want to go for the more glamorous and dark looks then the best thing would be to paint one of the walls really dark with colors like red, vintage green etc and color the rest of the three walls with colors that compliment the darker one.

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