Benefits And Drawbacks Of Polished Concrete

Home having concrete flooring

Polished concrete in home

If you like glossy finish in your home, then polished concrete is the best material for you to opt for. However polished concrete is not worth the glossy finish, it has a lot more to offer. You will be amazed if you see the features and benefits of polished concrete. If you are considering polished concrete to be installed in your home, then you must check out its advantages, you will be totally flabbergasted. However it also has some drawbacks also to have to ponder upon. Top help you out make a wise and informed decision, here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of polished concrete.


  • Budget friendly

The costing of polished concrete depends upon its complexity but on general grounds it will cost just 2$ per square foot. The maximum costing of polished concrete can go up to 304 per square foot. Majority of the installations are very much cost effective. It would be quite budge friendly if you are having a current concrete slab which is prepared for polishing, staining or installation of any decorative overlay or coating. Polished concrete’s budget friendly feature not only comes at the time of installation but it remains for the lifetime. This is because there will not be any need of replacement unless and until you are bored of your existing look. Even the maintenance issues with polished concrete are quite low.

  • Long lasting

Polished concrete is highly durable materials and it is prone to manage high foot traffic very easily and effectively. It can also manage heavy equipment’s and weights also properly. Damaging polished concrete is not easy and chipping and breaking is not at all possible. Now this would definitely attract you for installing polished concrete in your home. The longevity of polished concrete is approximately 100 or more years if it is installed, maintained and sealed properly. Even when the surrounding is very harsh, polished concrete can manage to last for that long. This will be lot higher than other floor coverings. You will not have to remove damaged surface or repair the one or not have any issues of replacing them.

  • Absence of VOC

All other floor coverings like hardwood flooring, synthetic carpet and vinyl carpet has harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds) present in them which is not the case with polished concrete.


  • Very cold

One of the major drawbacks of polished concrete is that they are not good with retaining heat very well. This means that your floor will remain cold during winters. If you are residing in cold area, it’s not advisable to opt for polished concrete. If you are opting for polished concrete in cold weather then you will have higher energy bills.

  • Loud

If you have polished concrete floor in your home, you have to be ready for the noise as its surface is very loud. It is just like natural stone flooring, ceramic tile or bamboo floors, all of them are very noisy.

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